Who, what and why?

As we kick off another new year, I’ve been thinking about things that I should tweak about my life. One of the things that has been missing for a while is a simple discipline of journaling and sharing some of those thoughts.

I don’t have any major or grandiose plans for this website; rather I plan to share about things I find interesting and hopefully learn in the process of it all.

I expect to write on topics relating to current events, personal finance, markets, religion, politics, parenting and other things that are important to me. Hopefully if you happen to stumble across this little blog, you’ll find the commentary interesting.

It’s very likely that not everyone will agree my my views or opinions; and that’s perfectly fine – in fact the world would be a super boring place if everyone was just like me and had all the same opinions, beliefs and passions.

Anyhow; I hope you find the content that starts to get published interesting. I’m not planning to spend a ton of time everyday on the blog, or managing comments – so please forgive me if my updates are not very timely.