Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to come here and read the ramblings that are posted.

Covered is a blog that I’ve been playing with on and off for the last 2 decades or so.  It’s been a wedding photo log, a trading journal and a few other things.  Honestly, for the last 4-5 years I’ve let it sort of sit stagnant as life has taken my focus in may other directions.  Today, the old stuff has been backed up and the blog will take a new direction.

The intent of this blog is to share many of the things I’ve learned over the years as a business and technology executive as well as to share thoughts on current topics/events/technology.

If you happen to stumble across my little corner of the internet and would like my thoughts on a topic, please let me know.  I’d love to have a dialog and learn from each other.