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Recent Posts:

Trade Log – Week Ending Apr 11 2020

Happy Easter! (I forgot to hit send on this post, so it’s coming out late. Oops) This last week wasn’t a great one for my portfolio. I remain positioned very short and in this short week as the market’s had what I believe to be a very short lived rally, I took a bunch of...
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Trade Log – Week Ending Apr 4 2020

As expected, volatility is starting to come in a bit and the markets are acting a bit more “normal” during this time of economic and societal uncertainty. This week we had some actual 2 sided action… markets that for all intents and purposes are looking like one would expect! Check out the chart of the...
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Trade Log – Week Ending Mar 28 2020

Here it comes! Unlimited QE and trillions of economic stimulus was unleashed this week. Unsurprisingly, the markets responded in kind and rallied hard. I don’t expect this rally to hold, and am positioned to the short side. I really didn’t do a lot of trading this week outside of some futures positions to profit from...
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Trade Log – Week Ending Mar 21 2020

With all of the human tragedy happening around the world right now, these posts seem somewhat trivial. Before getting into the details of trading and my weekly rhythm; I’d like to start with a quick prayer Heavenly Father, in these turbulent times we turn to you as our source of hope and strength. God we...
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Locked, limit down – March 16 2020

The market’s moved to limit down late last night, this morning when they opened up we immediately hit the circuit breakers for the 15 minute trading halt. I believe we have a reasonable chance to end up with a trading halt today given the degree of uncertainly in the market place. That would be a...
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Fed meeting moved up – rates dropped 100bps – March 15 2020

This evening, the Federal Reserve dropped the discount rate to 0%-.25%. The FOMC met this weekend and have cancelled the planned meeting later this week. I’m not extremely surprised; however it’s not going to fix the underlying problem. As I type this, the futures markets are limit down effectively across the board. With an almost...
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