by Ryan Barr on December 28, 2007

I am not a certified investment anything. Any information that is on this site is opinion – NOT fact. I try to post things that I actually do, or plan to do; however, I might post them wrong. That is just how it is. Do not mistake this information for investment advice; it simply is not investment advice.

The information that I put on here is for educational purposes only. I like to talk about my trades, I want to have a record of why I did what I did and share my experiences. If you choose to do something else that I do; go ahead, but DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I make money. I lose money. I’m okay with that. If you can’t stomach the fact that you might lose money; then you probably should not be trading in the market.

Remember any papermoney trades on this site are just that – Paper money! My broker has a cool tool called papermoney, I can pretend that I’ve got $100,000 to play with and do what I want. It is fake money! YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN MONEY don’t just blindly follow what I do. Of course my goal is to teach and make money, even in the fake account, but I cannot and will not guarantee anything! I do place my real trades on the site, take a look, see how they work. As stated above, I make money, and I lose it. I don’t post my actual account size on the site, that’s my business :) I post the paper account, and the results speak for themselves.

Please note that:

All results/trades reported on this website should be considered hypothetical. Numbers represented may depict actual results; however I make no representation that any individual investor actually achieved these exact results. This is only an illustration of what one might be able to do if one gains knowledge of the strategies represented herein. Past performance does not represent future performance.

Options Involve Risk and are not suitable for all investors please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options from the CBOE or the Options Clearing Corporation.

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