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My Journey to WordPress – Part 3

January 1, 2008 by Ryan Barr

Sections… I loved sections! Textpattern has it right using sections. For those of you that are wordpress junkies, let me explain… In textpattern, a section is almost like it’s own little site within your site. When done right, sections in textpattern allow you to separate and manage all of the different content areas in the [...]

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My Journey to WordPress – Part 2

December 31, 2007 by Ryan Barr

For part two of “My Journey to WordPress” I’m going to talk about setup and configuration. I mentioned that my host does a simplified installation of both wordpress and gallery. It made the first part of this really, really easy. I literally, log into my administration web-panel, then click install. After about 5-10 minutes I [...]

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My Journey to WordPress – Part 1

December 30, 2007 by Ryan Barr

Wow… I never thought I would do this, but I’ve dumped textpattern. It actually came about rather quickly and I’m quite happy after doing it. Just a few weeks ago, Megan and I began the process of re-vamping the website. She really wanted to start blogging some more, and well, I needed to stop slacking [...]

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textpattern basics – part 3

March 24, 2006 by Ryan Barr

Wow! Its been a while since I wrote my last textpattern basics article, and life has been quite busy! Well, its back to basics time! So lets talk page forms. Page forms are the heart of each section in a textpattern site. Generally speaking the page form controls what will actually show up on the [...]

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textpattern basics – part 2

March 2, 2006 by Ryan Barr

In my last article textpattern basics – part 1 I reviewed some of the basic concepts in textpattern. As promised, this article will dive a bit deeper into sections, and I’ll start to peel the onion on page forms. Sections First off – I’m going to give credit to Thame at erratic wisdom and quote [...]

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why ie drives me nuts!

March 1, 2006 by Ryan Barr

I’ve been writing about my switch to textpattern for the past week or so and have been playing around quite with the functionality and design of this site. After using a temp design by Stuart I finally got around to setting something up on my own. After getting it all setup on my Powerbook G4 [...]

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textpattern basics – part 1

February 26, 2006 by Ryan Barr

As promised in my article moving to textpattern I’m going to go over some code and concepts used on this site. This site is run using textpattern, currently I’m on version 4.0.3; if this changes you can see the version at the bottom of this page. I’ll start my series of articles by going over [...]

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moving to textpattern

February 24, 2006 by Ryan Barr

Ive spent the last ten plus years of my life writing code for the web. I started with the Microsoft set of tools, ASP and Access. Oh those were the days… well maybe not! I can still remember being in high school spending hours down in the basement working on website after website; writing horrible [...]

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