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A Christmas Rally?

December 15, 2008 by Ryan Barr

These past few months have been extremely difficult to trade.  The swings have been violent, and if you haven’t been on the right side of the moves, the draw downs can be staggering.  I’ve been fortunate and have been able to mitigate a lot of the nasty losses a market like this can bring about. [...]

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Oh my, my… The futures are just falling apart

December 11, 2008 by Ryan Barr

Well look at that.  Senator Reid decided to make a few comments this evening and the futures market seems to have absolutely fallen apart. Today I closed out the majority of my longs and went into the following positions in my personal account January Calls on FXP, SDS, SRS and a QLD hedge.  It looks [...]

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The sky is falling… the sky is falling…

January 4, 2008 by Ryan Barr

Read my take on what is happening and a quick run down of my current position on the RUT. Why I’m not worried yet…

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What a way to start the year

January 2, 2008 by Ryan Barr

A quick recap of the first trading day in 2008. Click to read more about the current Russell 2000 trade, oil, the fed minutes and the economy in general.

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And we’re done…

December 31, 2007 by Ryan Barr

2007 has come to a close. The Santa Claus rally didn’t really do much this year and we ended on a down note. The RUT closed the year at $766.03 down ($5.73) for the day. All of the other major indexes shared similar performance for the lackluster close of the year. Overall, 2007 was a [...]

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profit, profit, profit

July 24, 2007 by Ryan Barr

Finally, back into the game of options trading for the year. I’ve spent enough time in my new role with my employer to be able to juggle travel, work, life and trading! It’s about time! Last month I went ahead and dropped down a quick RUT position, it turned out very nicely, I’ve just rolled [...]

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off to the market again

June 26, 2007 by Ryan Barr

Well, it has been quite some time since I have placed any trades. This year has been a hectic one with a new position in my company and many life changes. I think the market is finally in a spot were I am comfortable putting my money on the line, as a result I threw [...]

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holding on while we vote

November 7, 2006 by Ryan Barr

Looking at all of the data out there, I’m pretty comfortable holding on for the next 9 days on both of the SPX and RUT positions that I’ve got open currently. Based upon a quick analysis in the tools from thinkorswim, the SPX has about a 0.13% chance of expiring above 1430 and the RUT [...]

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august positions are up and running

July 27, 2006 by Ryan Barr

Over the past few days I’ve been able to secure fills on two August positions. The first in an SPX Iron Condor and the second position was a result of two RUT Iron Condors. I’ll run down the positions here; however, they are also reflected in the portfolio section of the site. SPX Iron Condor [...]

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let the profits roll in…

July 20, 2006 by Ryan Barr

July was a nice month. Apple reported great earnings and I was able to close the position opened earlier this month for a quick gain. Thursday late in the date I unrolled the RUT and SPX plays for next to nothing and I fully expect the MSH play to close completely profitable. The only play [...]

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