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Oh look, a recession

December 1, 2008 by Ryan Barr

Just in case you missed it, the NBER decided today that we’ve been in a recession since Dec 2007.  Really?  Is that was it was?  Thanks for pointing out the obvious

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Some thoughts

March 20, 2008 by Ryan Barr

It’s been a while since I posted anything to the site. My life has been extremely busy with family, job and a number of other things. I’ve been very quite on the investing front as a result of this. We are currently in very difficult times in the markets. They are moving dramatically up or [...]

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The sky is falling… the sky is falling…

January 4, 2008 by Ryan Barr

Read my take on what is happening and a quick run down of my current position on the RUT. Why I’m not worried yet…

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Is a recession on the way?

January 3, 2008 by Ryan Barr

I’ve been sick this week, and have been watching a bunch of CNBC as a result. I keep hearing over and over, recession, recession, recession… ENOUGH! It is like a huge media weight trying to push down the economy. Sure, home prices are down, oil is high, gold is through the roof, the fed is [...]

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