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I’m out – January RUT Position is closed

January 17, 2008 by Ryan Barr

I’ve been filled on my closing orders to buy back the current ^RUT position for $0.15 debit.  I realize that I may have left some profit on the table here – however getting my money out of the market to avoid expiration risk was worth it to me.  I have seen the RUT gap down [...]

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Still holding tight on the RUT

January 14, 2008 by Ryan Barr

It’s a jungle out there… I’m still holding tight on the current Russell 2000 play, click in to see why.

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nice big march cushion

March 13, 2006 by Ryan Barr

Well its the last week of the March option cycle, and I’ve got a couple of nice fat cushions on each of my positions. This morning the market opened up, as I write this is the SPX is up 5.53 and the RUT is up 7.43; currently they sit as 1287 and 733 respectively. And [...]

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another good day in the options market

February 17, 2006 by Ryan Barr

Its expiration Friday! This is one of those days in the month were you either love it or hate it. For me, expiration Friday is usually a pretty good day. This month I came out 100% profitable – but that’s not very hard when you only have one trade going for the month. Position recap: [...]

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