Papermoney Portfolio

by Ryan Barr on December 28, 2007


After doubling up the first Papermoney account from $100,000 to just a bit over $211,000 in a little under three years (May 2006 -> Feb 2009), I figured it was time to start this all over.  I’m going to leverage many different strategies in this account,  and will try to keep a simple to follow log of the trades here on the portfolio summary page.

Trade Summary (For Educational Purposes Only)Disclaimer – All trades simulated - Account Re-Opened Oct 12 2009 with $100,000 initial balance.  I neglected the account for a period of time in an attempt to try something that I didn’t enjoy doing.  Needless to say it was not horribly profitable.  After getting flat again, the account was down to $91,611.73.  

Opening BalanceBALAccount Reset10/12/09100,000.00After doubling up the first portfolio, I felt it was time to do it again. This time I am modeling a little more of a money management style.
Back to CondorsBAL4/1/1091,611.73I greatly dislike managing single Equity positions. I'm back to Condors and Index products. Keeping tab on positions on a daily basis just isn't my style.
IWM - May 10Sell OpenSOLD -50 IRON CONDOR IWM 100 MAY 10 73/75/63/61 CALL/PUT @.504/1/102,500-309.95Single stddev Condor. A little riskier than what I'm used too, with Iron Condors. However, these appear to be quite profitable based on my analysis of similar trades over time.
IWM - May 10Sell OpenSOLD -25 IRON CONDOR IWM 100 MAY 10 73/75/63/61 CALL/PUT @.554/6/101,375-159.95Filled for a full allocation on the IWM position. This time I was able to fill for a more favorable price.
IMW - May 10Buy Open BOT 50 IWM 100 MAY 10 59 PUT @ .595/7/10-2,950-84.95Hedge against downside risk.
SPY - May 10Sell OpenSOLD -50 IRON CONDOR SPY 100 MAY 10 124/126/110/112 CALL/PUT @.504/12/102,500-309.95My SPY Condor order did finally fill. This position should work out nicely as the wings are spread fairly wide for the month.
SPY - May 10Buy OpenBOT 25 SPY 100 MAY 10 108 PUT @ 1.905/7/10-4,750-47.45Oversided hedge on the SPY position. I think this one was a bit over done and I'll be closing this down quickly!
Current BalanceBALCurrent Cash Balance-97,203.69

How to read the table

If you’re wondering how on earth to read that crazy table above, here is a quick graphic that shows how to read this thing:

How to read the new Paper Money Trade Table