A few more contracts added to May IWM Iron Condor

by Ryan Barr on April 7, 2010

in Papermoney

I was filled for an additional 25 contracts to the May 2010 IWM Iron Condor position in the paper money account.  This time the fill was for $0.55 credit, a reasonable premium to the original position.  I’ve gone ahead and adjusted my strike prices for the SPY order that is outstanding; these have been moved to 124/126/112/110 for a $0.50 credit, this order may fill if implied volatility spikes up nicely.

As of this evening the IWM position is profitable to the tune of a whooping $12.50! As with any position with 44 days till expiration, I’m not expecting much from it today. As you can see from the risk profile on the left, this position won’t do much until late April into Early May.  At that point, assuming the IWM hasn’t moved much I may unwind to remove risk and capture a nice return on capital at risk ($15,000).

It’s time to let time do its magic work.

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