Bailout the automakers and Judges?!?!

by Ryan Barr on December 8, 2008

in Investing

Yes indeed… Just as we gave a tax rebate for producers of “wooden arrows for children” when we bailed out the banks, it appears that our wonderful leadership in Washington feels the need to insert pork into the draft auto bailout bill round one.

I stumbled across this one tonight while reading my normal rss feed.  Forrest Maltzman over the noted it tonight, here is the link:

Lately I wonder how we can even begin to call our “leadership” leaders.  This sort of garbage makes me sick.  I don’t have any problem giving Judges a raise, in fact, I fully support it.  Just past a “give the Judges a raise” bill.  Don’t load this into some other bill and try to hide it.  Our whole legislative process lately makes me want to puke.

I’m sure it has been this way for a long, long time.  I just haven’t read through a bill in a long, long time.  With these huge bailouts and issues, I’ve been reading lots of legislation.  All of it makes me ill.

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