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Fully Automated

July 4, 2012 by Ryan Barr

For the last year or so I’ve been “dark” as far as the website has been concerned.  I’m probably one of the worlds worst bloggers, and I’m really okay with that. If I could automate my blogging, I would be great at it… unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I have [...]

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Trading without emotion – cont…

March 11, 2011 by Ryan Barr

A few days ago I posted about my personal commitment to simply trade what I’ve tested this year.  Well, these past two weeks have been a great testament to that process and the pay off has been pretty solid.  Currently, I’ve only spent enough time testing the corn futures market to be comfortable allocating capital [...]

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Trading without emotion

March 7, 2011 by Ryan Barr

These last couple of years have been quite a learning process for me.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to complete my MBA (I’ll be done in two weeks) at Kellogg, experience the birth of two fantastic little boys, enjoy a great job with a fantastic company and grow a lot as a trader in [...]

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Another learning opportunity – /ES Trade

March 27, 2009 by Ryan Barr

Let the trade come to you. This is a fantastic example of how I botched a trade today. Let it setup – you’ll make a lot more money.

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Well that was quite a move today wasn’t it…

March 23, 2009 by Ryan Barr

Thanks Mr. Secretary. I love to trade a government manipulated tape. It is just fantastic! I scalped a few points on today’s monster move. Click to see an updated chart.

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Up, up and… down we go :)

March 18, 2009 by Ryan Barr

Unreal price action today. First time I’ve actually watched the /ES action on a fed day. Just amazing. You can see my analysis in this post. I think we’ve got another drop in the cards here.

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Chartology – March 17 2009

March 17, 2009 by Ryan Barr

Chartology for March 17 2009. I’m still pretty bearish, targets are highlighted on the charts.

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Today’s Recap – I’m pissed – at myself.

March 16, 2009 by Ryan Barr

I am steaming… Because my execution was horrible. Horrible.

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Short /ES and /NQ over the weekend

March 15, 2009 by Ryan Barr

I’ve been short the /ES and /NQ all weekend. Click in to see a 30 day chart of the /ES and where I think we’ll find some support for a nice /ES profit.

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Two for one – Today’s recap and the overnight trade – March 12 2009

March 12, 2009 by Ryan Barr

Recap my gunned out stop from last night, and today’s wicked profitable day. Oh yeah, a chart on why I’m short /ES as well.

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