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Ryan, where have you gone?

May 20, 2009 by Ryan Barr

I’m still here, just very busy.  I switched up my computers and didn’t have my easy blogging add-on installed in firefox.  I installed it today, so maybe I’ll add a few more posts every now and again – no promises

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Bouncing Fun…

January 27, 2009 by Megan

So these videos are more for the doting grandparents than anyone, but they’re cute… so we’ll post them.    It’s taken a while for Ryder to warm up to each of these toys, but he’s really starting to enjoy them now: This exersaucer was a Christmas gift from Grammy and Papa. We keep it in [...]

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Snowboarding in Illinois

January 10, 2009 by Megan

So this morning, Ryder and I were up pretty early.  When I put him down for a nap, I decided to wake Ryan up, and begged him to go outside and play in the snow… Here’s what we ended up with: What do you think?

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Happy New Year

January 1, 2009 by Ryan Barr

Happy New Year from the Barr family to you and yours!

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Christmas Started Early…

December 22, 2008 by Megan

Since we’re traveling to California for Christmas this year, we started our celebration a little early.  Yesterday, with the sub-zero temperatures, we figured it was the perfect day to stay inside and spend some quality family time together.  Fortunately, because of our church’s Christmas show, “Let it Be Christmas: The Gospel According to Matthew, Mark, [...]

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Holy crap it is cold…

December 21, 2008 by Ryan Barr

When the condensation on the inside of your window freezes, you know it is cold outside.  It is noon right now, and we STILL have not gone above 0 today.  Right now, the temp is at -5 and the “real feel” is -27.  The wind chill here in Chicago is crazy cold today.  If you [...]

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Thanksgiving 2008

December 3, 2008 by Megan

We just returned from our first trip back to California since we moved to Illinois in July… It was exhausting, but we really enjoyed spending time with family and friends! Ryder was an awesome traveler… he was great on the airplane, and even slept through the crazy trek across LAX during our 30-minute layover.  He [...]

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Merry Christmas!

November 23, 2008 by Megan

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future…” Jeremiah 29:11

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last three years, it’s that God’s plans are not our own. So all we can do is buckle our seatbelts, hang on tight, and follow where He leads.

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Congratulations to Barack Obama

November 4, 2008 by Ryan Barr

Barack Obama is the projected President Elect.  I believe that this is a tragic mistake for our country in terms of our ideological movement. On the other hand, I hope that Senator Obama’s projected win goes far heal racial tensions across the nation.  This is a great moment in our nations history to not only [...]

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November 4, 2008 by Ryan Barr

Everyone, please vote today.  Exercise your constitutional rights and VOTE. 

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