Another Kellogg Quarter in the books

by Ryan Barr on June 9, 2010

in Business School

Tonight marks the end of another quarter at Kellogg.  This was a great 10 weeks with two very interesting courses.

Management Communications – Just a fantastic course.  Professor Van Camp is top notch!  Communication and the ability to present effectively is a critical skill in any profession.  This course provides and opportunity to learn experientially by preparing and delivering a speech every week.  The course culminated with two progressively more difficult speeches and some great tools to complete them.  I really, really enjoyed this one!

Bargaining - It’s not just saving a few bucks when you are working over your landscaper, this was a great scientific and experiential look into the world of bargaining.  We played different games each and every week actively participating in pre-configured bargaining situations that really highlighted different aspects of human behavior.  The course finished with a two week collective bargaining exercise that was extremely interesting. After spending 8 weeks bargaining away, we all felt like experts; boy were we wrong!  The collective bargaining exercise was very eye opening and quite challenging.

Next quater will bring Operations and Decision Analysis.  Both of these courses should be quite interesting, I am particularly looking forward to the Decision Analysis course as the professor is simply fantastic.

The entire Kellogg experience has just been fantastic. I’m on the home stretch now with only three quarters left, and I’m already getting a  little sad that it is going to end.  If you have aspirations to go to business school, I cannot recommend Kellogg highly enough!  The program is challenging, but it is worth every bit of time, effort and money you will put into it!

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